Innis Harbor Readers Ask….

Innis Harbor Readers Ask….

I’m currently sitting by the fire outside my tiny house in the woods, where I wrote most of my latest release, Innis Harbor. I’ve received several questions from readers about the book, so now seems a good time to answer them.

Ready? Let’s go.

You describe Loch as an androgynous character. Was she inspired by a real person? – That’s a great question and one that a surprising number of people wondered about. I based the character of Loch on Erika Linder, a Swedish model, and star of the indie lesbian flick, Below Her Mouth. She’s one of the only women to have started her modeling career as an exclusively male model and has been a spokesperson for androgyny and gender inclusivity for years.

What made you decide on that crazy twist near the end? I read until three in the morning just to see what happened! – That’s such a compliment, thank you…If my books keep you up at night, then I’m doing my job! The idea for that twist didn’t come to me until about halfway through the book. As a celebrity, Loch was used to people not really knowing her, and to have that happen with someone she loved, to find out she really didn’t know her at all, was tricky to write but worth it in the end.

I loved your descriptions of the Persian food. Is your family Persian? – No, not at all; I’m not nearly that interesting! I love Persian food and I am fascinated by the constant sensuality of it. Obviously food is an important part of Loch and Amir’s story, so I established it early and wove it into the backdrop fairly strongly.

Why did you choose to include the issue of bullying as it relates to sexual identity? – I think it’s a very present issue in smaller towns all over the country. Mainstream society is more comfortable with lesbians than they used to be, but butch lesbians of any age face constant challenges, and those are sometimes dangerous. I also wanted to remind those of us who have successfully come through that stage in our lives to be aware and give back to kids who might be struggling and too afraid to speak up.

Where do you get your stories? Do they just come to you? – Honestly, the characters write the book, I’m little more than a glorified secretary taking notes.:)

Thank you for all the sweet comments and insightful questions! If you have any more questions about characters, my books or anything at all, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]