Trustfall. Except, apparently, in my case.

Trustfall. Except, apparently, in my case.

After I finished last week’s post I realized I forgot a message from a longtime reader who’s just lovely, so here it is. Ordinarily, I don’t answer questions about my love life, but what the hell… it’s snowing and I have whiskey and a crackling fire. Ready?


Hey Inkslinger, could you tell us more about the book you’re writing now? It’s set in Ireland, right? I figured you’d eventually set a book there, and I can’t wait! Tell us everything! 
Also, and you don’t have to answer this, and knowing you you probably won’t, but what kind of girls do you date? What’s your type? And what has your romantic history been like?
Ps. Sorry for the twenty questions, but inquiring minds want to know!
Heather Barton, Twin Falls, ID.

Hi Heather!
I can’t wait for you guys to read the book I’m writing now, you know Ireland is my favorite place in the world.
Undercurrent will be out first, (June 2) which is the one with the six female FBI agents, profilers and seasoned detectives stranded in a lakefront log cabin in Salem MA. It takes place as the first crisp swirl of autumn air falls in Salem, but the village is panicked at the serial killer terrorizing the locals by piling bodies up on the beach.
Why will you love it? Hmmm…. There’s a train-wreck of an Australian detective, a tightass psychic that speaks to the dead, and a Native American lead, Tala Marshall, inspired by my real life best friend who kicks ass in a similar line of work. Oh, and the ruthless killer lurking in the shadows still hanging over Salem from the Witch Trials of 1692.

Now… you asked about Trustfall, so here’s the sneak peak that no one has seen yet. Ready for this?

Would you trade the life you have for a chance at a life you’ll love?

Devri Cahn is poised on the knife edge of getting everything she’s always wanted: an enviable rental empire in Brooklyn, guaranteed top-tier income, and elevated social status in the cutthroat world of the NYC Jewish lesbian elite. It’s finally all at her fingertips, so why does she want to leave it all behind?

Fallon Brynn has returned to her tiny rural fishing village on the southern coast of Ireland with one goal: to buy the rundown cottages by the sea and turn them into slick, modern holiday rentals. After university in Dublin and some real-world experience, she’s determined to reach her goal of marketing Ireland’s undeniable pull to rich American tourists. It’s about time Ireland stepped into the twenty-first century, and she’s the woman for the job, especially if she gets filthy rich doing it.

Sometimes the search for what you’ve always wanted leads home, …to the one you’ve always needed.

I’ll put out more details as we get closer, and it should drop December 1, 2024.

The title Trustfall is a play on the game of trust, where you fall backward into your partner’s arms and she’s actually there to catch you. Well, if you’re not me, that is….On to questions about the state of my love life.;)
You wanted to know what kind of girls I date, and how I would describe my type? I tend to be attracted to masculinity, so butch, masc, andro types make me weak in the knees, although femme never really has. I think femmes are gorgeous, but that raw sexual chemistry just isn’t there for me, unfortunately.
And my romantic history? How would I describe that? …..maybe Stage Three Bloody Disaster. That about sums it up.
Nah, I’m the biggest romantic in the history of Hermit Lesbian Forest-Dwelling Romantics, but alas, the happily ever after has yet to appear. So far more Danté’s nine circles of hell, so I write the relationships I want into the books that I love writing for you.

Wish me luck, and see you next week!