I’m Not Usually One To Rant, But…..

I’m Not Usually One To Rant, But…..

I’m reading a current book from one of my favorite authors, and she described one of the characters as …. “overly butch.”

This is not a Sapphire author, and she’s very successful and well known, but how can someone be “overly butch?”
Why is being very butch, or very femme, somehow a negative?

I love butch-identified women. They are just plain hot, and they’ve melted me since I bought my first pair of Docs. But even if I didn’t, it’s none of my business what they feel comfortable wearing, or how they choose to present themselves to the world, and it’s inappropriate to comment negatively about it.

What I do know is it’s a LOT harder to move through this world as a masculine woman, and butches will always have my respect and support for the rampant ignorance they put up with, sometimes on a daily basis.

No one is “overly butch.” Brave, hot, admirable and strong as fuck, but never too butch.

Just sayin’.

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