New Post Every Thursday in 2024

New Post Every Thursday in 2024

I’ve really missed keeping in touch with readers and talking about books, love, and life, so I’ve committed to a new blog post every Thursday in 2024. I’d love to know your questions, so don’t be shy, comment below or message me directly on Instagram at @tomboyinkslinger and I’ll answer them the following week.

To get us started, here are some recent reader questions that had me laughing… Grab a drink and buckle up, Buttercup; a few are socially unacceptable, just like me.;)


Is it difficult logistically to write sex scenes when you’re literally writing them alone in the woods with no one to compare notes with? ~Sam L.

This is a great question, and I’m not the most spatially aware person, so I have to watch what I’m writing to be sure it’s actually realistic and physically possible. I tend to take a sensual, romantic approach to these scenes, so occasionally I have to check it for plausibility to ensure no one would need three hands to make it happen. I also try to stay aware of realistic time spans as it relates to lesbian sex. While it’s entirely possible for two people who are really into each other and the moment to get off in just a few minutes in a specific situation (think Jaq and Bronwyn against that brick wall in Blackpool, England, in London) it’s not the realistic norm, and nothing irritates me more than authors who rush through the sex scenes that unfold somehow in the span of five or six minutes complete with multiple orgasms and passionate declarations of love.

How often do your crushes, exes and friends appear in the characters you write? And how often you appear?~ Jennifer M.

I get this one a lot, because it’s an excellent question, and if I were a reader, I would absolutely wonder about the same thing.

First, crushes tend to appear more than exes, who usually don’t make the cut, but even with them, only vague elements actually make it onto the paper. I have immense respect for the actual characters as I’m unfolding them onto the paper, and try to listen to each character as they boss me around; I try like hell not to paint them with qualities, quirks or traits just because I’m familiar with them. In fairness, doing that would make it easier, but I want, above everything else, to keep the characters authentic and real, and writing the same character over and over with a different twist here or there is just….cheating. Lots of authors go the easy route. I’m just not one of them.
Also, only one character, in ten books now, is really close to me…the real me. Any guesses who that is? I’ll tell you if you get it right, and feature you in my Insta story (with permission). Drop it below in the comments.

Has a fan ever gotten handsy with you at an event? I was at one, I was too shy to talk to you, but we ended up in the same elevator after and you were so sweet and approachable! I did notice some people on the cruise being super forward with you though… does that ever bother you? ~Martine Y.

Honestly, it doesn’t happen a lot, I’m certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have been in one or two uncomfortable situations. Uncomfortable for them, not me.;) I draw the line at non-consensual touching, and have been known to put peeps in their places like a 90’s rapper.
Also, I remember you, you’re from San Diego, right? You saved me from getting off on the wrong floor and were SO gracious. Let me know if you’re on the cruise in April, I’ll buy you a drink!

Do you ever worry about getting hurt by one of those animals out there in the Wood Hood? (Awesome name, by the way.) ~Anna K.

Nah, we have a vibe that lets all the creatures coexist safely, including me. Although I have had a few potential girlfriends say hell, no, though. Probably smart.;)


What’s your next book about? Describe it in three words…? (Love that scene in Return to McCall, btw!) ~Hannah G.

I love you for remembering! I think what I love most about Sam and Sarah of the McCall books is their amazing communication, and Sarah has a way of condensing difficult emotions into manageable slices that don’t scare people, and it’s what makes her a great partner to Sam and an even better mother to Moxie, who was (understandably) scared to even open her mouth when she landed at Sam and Sarah’s.
The next book is my tenth, and SO special to me…. I waited this long to set a book in Ireland, which you know already is so close to my heart. Three words, huh?

Tender, powerful, magic.  …See you soon with Trustfall.


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    1. Hi there!

      Thank you so much! Follow me on Instagram for all the latest, but here’s a sneak peek…..
      It’s set in Ireland, which I’ve been waiting ten books to do, and one of the two main characters is Jewish, from New York, of department store royalty, Devri. The other main is Fallon, a northern Ireland native, who is poised to take over a small fishing and tourist village with Air B&B’s, despite the chance that it would destroy its unique culture. The stereotypes of greedy American and small town Irish are switched here, and you might want to start preparing for the ride…. now.;)

      Thank you so much, M! I look forward to hearing what you think!

  1. Patricia, my husband & I met you outside the laundry mat in Eureka back in October. We talked about Ireland. We have a list of some questions, maybe 8😁 We cannot find you on FB. I swear we’re not stalkers😳 David-Espie Lowe is our profile. We plan on having tickets by February, getting ready and so excited! 580-230-1987 Afterall, you were very hospitable & informative and offered your services, lol. Season’s Greetings!

    1. Hi Espie!

      I remember that and I’m so glad you found me! I’m Patricia Evans on FB, but it’s so crowded…. follow me on Instagram, (@tomboyinslinger). That way you can send me a DM anytime, or my email is [email protected]…I’m so happy to help with anything Ireland-related, reach out when you’re ready!

  2. More writings from you, YES! I love your wit, sexy sass, and beautiful images you create with your words. Looking forward to Thursdays.